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In conjunction with the launch of our new Instagram profile, the Mattie & Chris podcast is also conducting a membership initiative entitled  #1of100k.

The goal is to grow our tribe by gaining a membership total of 100,000, in both podcast subscriptions and social media followers, by December 31,2015.

Why 100,000?

Hitting this mark will open doors to opportunities such as: podcast sponsorships (advertisements) & brand collaborations, which in turn will allow us to create content on a more regular basis.

Also, at that point it’ll become possible to expand into new areas such as: live events and possible media crossover (TV, radio, etc.).

Most importantly, the 100,000-membership mark is set to prove that we, as a whole, can accomplish any goal we set our minds to!

#1of100k Instagram Campaign

Take part in the Mattie & Chris #1of100k Instagram campaign.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Follow us on Instagram @mattieandchris

Upload your photo to Instagram and in the caption include the hashtag #1of100k and the following:

•    My name is ________ and I am here.

•    Tell us who you are* 

•    Tell the world what they should know about you* 

*Do not include your occupation/job. You are much more than a job title!

It’s that simple. So please join us and let the world know that you are here.

*Photo & Caption Suggestions

Submissions containing the following will most likely be reposted.

·      Photos that are portraits or selfies. Be as creative as you’d like!

·      No vulgar images or language…you know when you’ve crossed the line.

·      Concise captions. Shorter, direct sentences are more likely to be read.