Episode 14: Can You Be "Black and White" About Everything?

Join us as we do a quick recap of all the things that happened while we were away. Flying with a baby, Boxing and Basketball...its all there. Also, we're having a fairly serious conversion on our outlook and approach to decision making. This one get's a bit deep, but its still fun. 4500+ subscribers and counting, please continue to pass the word (YOU'RE DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB SO FAR). iTunes, Stitcher, rate, comment...holler at us!   

Episode 6: The Power of Our Choices

Choice is the constant catalyst in our lives, whether we'd like to admit it or not. Hang out with us for a few as we discuss the power that comes with the ability to choose. Also, we'll be answering listener questions, so stick around till the end. Be sure to subscribe, rate (5 stars on iTunes), comment and pass the's working!!!