Episode 30: Double Standards

It's officially Spring and we are in full bloom during this episode! We discuss the baby stealing the show...again, our crazy cousin Katt and some of the more perplexing double standards of our time. 

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Episode 27: NO Trips, Car Seat(s) and Raising Your Expectations

In the catch-up we're discussing our differing approaches to shopping, recent travel, what's happening with Pop music and much more.  After the break with talking about getting more...SPOILER ALERT, in order to get more you have to EXPECT MORE!

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Episode 25: 6 Years and Counting

We're back...finally! After a long(ish) hiatus, we've returned with a new episode. Join us as we catch up on the some the topics we missed while away and stay for our discussion on the lessons we've learned over the last 6 years of marriage.

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Episode 24: Lessons Learned From Owning A Home

We're discussing some of the lessons we've learned in our 6 years of home ownership. So join us for some insight on buying, owning and maintaining a home. Also, #yourcousins and #youtoocangetit make a triumphant return.

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Episode 22: Chris

It's Mattie turn to sit in the interviewer's chair, to ask the tough questions to Chris...just who is the man reffered to as "Hubs." 

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