Episode 29: Change Is Good

Not only is change the only constant in life, but its this episode's show topic as well! We're also talking the terrible two(ish)s, surviving sickness, Kanye West, The Walking Dead and much, much more. So hang out with us and enjoy the convo, we sure did. Thanks for the continued support and be sure to pass the word!!!

Episode 23: Imaginary Worlds We Wished Were Real

We've all been there. Lost in a daydream. Transported to a world built from childhood fantasy. The proverbial 'happy-place.' Join us for a light-hearted discussion on those imaginary worlds we wished were real.

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Episode 22: Chris

It's Mattie turn to sit in the interviewer's chair, to ask the tough questions to Chris...just who is the man reffered to as "Hubs." 

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Episode 16: What I Like About You

Its an ALL-NEW(ish) Mattie & Chris!!! We're back and we've bought along a few format additions to the show. Give us a listen and let us know what you think. Also, we delve a bit into the key points in our relationship that help to "keep the like alive." A very special thank goes out to you to Lizz Glenn for being the inspiration for this week's episode! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes or Stitcher, and as always your comments and 5 star ratings are greatly appreciated!  

Episode 7: 7 Songs That Shaped Us

You know all of those feelings that come flooding back when you hear a certain song? The ones that teleport you to a specific and special place? Yep, we do too and that's what we're talking about on this episode. Be sure to subscribe, rate (5 stars on iTunes), comment and continue to PASS THE WORD!