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Season 2: Episode 1 - What Happened To Mattie & Chris?

It's a new season for Mattie & Chris, in all aspects of our lives. So, why the long wait? Tune in to find out.

Episode 29: Change Is Good

Not only is change the only constant in life, but its this episode's show topic as well! We're also talking the terrible two(ish)s, surviving sickness, Kanye West, The Walking Dead and much, much more. So hang out with us and enjoy the convo, we sure did. Thanks for the continued support and be sure to pass the word!!!

Episode 28: Where Did The Time Go?

We're back! Tell everyone you know, plus their closest second cousin that its the start to an all new season of the Mattie & Chris podcast. Join us as we play catch-up and try to fill you in on everything that's happened with us, for us and to us during the break. 

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Episode 27: NO Trips, Car Seat(s) and Raising Your Expectations

In the catch-up we're discussing our differing approaches to shopping, recent travel, what's happening with Pop music and much more.  After the break with talking about getting more...SPOILER ALERT, in order to get more you have to EXPECT MORE!

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Episode 26: Advice to 21 Year-Old Me

If you had the opportunity to travel back in time to give a 21 year-old you three pieces of advice, what would it be? We explore this question as well as catch-up on our trip to NYC, Halloween and baby's newest developments. 

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