Episode 15: The Biggest Lies About Having It All

At some point we've all wrestled with the idea of "having it all". Well on this weeks podcast, we discuss the truth and some of the biggest lies about doing just that. Can you really be, experience and possess "it all" some ways yes. Join us for the conversation and let us know how you feel. As always thanks for listening and tell someone to join the movement. 100,000 subscribers, here we come! 

Episode 10: Easter Suits, TIDAL Talk and The African, American Connection

In our weekly catch up we're talking a little bit of everything, including our busying schedules, Easter Sunday and the TIDAL takeover...there's also a game of "Would You Rather" thrown in there. We also discuss the similarities and differences discovered when our two families combined. Please help us get the word out on the show an be sure to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes or Stitcher. 5 star ratings are always welcomed.

Episode 7: 7 Songs That Shaped Us

You know all of those feelings that come flooding back when you hear a certain song? The ones that teleport you to a specific and special place? Yep, we do too and that's what we're talking about on this episode. Be sure to subscribe, rate (5 stars on iTunes), comment and continue to PASS THE WORD!